The NEW ART De Vort’n Vis

We’re fucking doing it !

We’re making the world a better place...

The rebuilding of ART Vort’n Vis (the Main Building) is coming to an end! But loads of energy and a good amount of money are needed to complete (y)our favourite DIY venue & the place where ieperfest got started…
Basically, we still need to come up with € 59.300 now to finish the whole project: we've started with the Main Building and we're ending with the Multifunctional (Concert) Hall in the back.

We‘d like to (re)start (y)our activities in (y)our brand new Main Building in 2016, so please: organise benefits, spread the word & donate or get involved!

Like any good Do-It-Yourself organisation we’re completely finishing the wind- and waterproof basic building construction ourselves and that’s where we still need your help with this DIY crowfunding!

We need at least 2.000 people to donate € 50 for this to work.

Bigger or smaller donations are welcome too of course and we’d like to appeal to everyone! So get your friends, family, band, organisation or whatever to join in and help us out, so we can help you out (eventually)! Together we can secure the future of the Vort’n Vis as one of the katalysts for the DIY movement here in Belgium and everyone can support in different ways. We’re currently looking for more people who can do voluntary work: bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, roof building, plumbing, construct central heating,... and suitable materials / working tools are welcome too! Feel free to get in touch ( morethanmusic[at]ieperfest[dot]com ) if you have any other ideas on how to help out, if you would like to organise a benefit yourself (50 benefits raising € 2.000 each could work out as well) or just to show your support.

Check out the plans for the NEW ART Vort’n Vis building here (read on / scroll down).

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Donations can still be made through this website (PayPal) and to the campaign account of Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum vzw, Sint-Jacobsstraat 3, 8900 Ieper, Belgium (IBAN-code: BE53 7512 0329 3953 / / BIC-code: AXABBE22) with the message " ’t Is Gank! / Go for it! " (or any other message you find encouraging - be creative!). And of course we’d like to do something in return. We’re putting the (band)names / organisations involved on the walls of the new building in an artistic way (much like the 54.000 names inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres). So be sure to mention your name/bandname or organisation + e-mail address with your donation.

€ 50 = your (band)name / organisation on the wall


Last DIY update 14/11/2016 - This is DIY Crowdfunding! Ha!

Thank you and/or roll up your sleeves and get involved!

The Vort’n Vis & IEPERFEST Crew