Republyk Vort'n Vis

Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum | Autonomous DIY venue in Ypres (BE)

We’re back, and stronger than ever! Open every Saturday from 18h. And with events. More often open when all the shitwork is done and rebuilding(hangovers) are gone!

Pub news

The Rebuilding of ART Vort’n Vis has started in 2014 and coming to an end…
and we’re pretty focussed on just that!

In the meanwhile, we keep getting requests for all sorts of activities, but unfortunately we can’t facilitate as much as we would love to at TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) Vort’n Vis – Diksmuidseweg 59 Ieper (Belgium). That’s exactly why we’re rebuilding (y)our Autonomous Space right in the centre of Ypres in a way that it will fit everybody’s needs (but that takes a lot of our time & energy, not to mention a lot of cursed money! Sure hope you’ll understand if you don’t get a reply (straight away), but do try!

Click on the picture hereunder to follow the rebuilding progress on Facebook & get in touch if you want to help out! Thanx.

Siempre Vort'n Vis

Vort'n Vis Benefit

11/04 Wacky Easter Fun + Vort’n Bingo from 19.30h.

12/04 De Vort’n Vis cassette sessies #3
+ Zaai een bloem en pluk de dag
from 18h.

Vergeten om je cassettes netjes te labelen? Cassettes gevonden op zolder? Kom ze ‘herontdekken’ tijdens de Vort’n Vis cassette sessies onder het motto: Laat het ‘zoemen’ met oude cassettes! We gaan het ook laten ‘zoemen met bloemen’! Er is een oude radio aanwezig + heel veel bloemenzaad, rakeltjes, schoppen, zelfgemaakte gieters, een boom met afval en veel grind rond, een tuintje … Om het met de woorden van Ren en Stimpy te zeggen: happy happy joy joy! Of met de woorden van Albert Einstein: “If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would only have four years left to live.”

Bestel hier GRATIS een mengsel van éénjarige en meerjarige bloemen voor bijen: – ge ontvangt de zaden een klein weekje later in de brievenbus – of kom een pakketje ophalen bij ons in ‘t café op 12 april!

Heb jij bloemenzaad uitgezaaid? Deel dan je foto’s en ervaringen op deze Facebookpagina!

En misschien nog dit:


08/03 A VORT’N VIS BENEFIT I @ JH De Moane (Suncreek, not far from Ypres)

Invite all your friends & let’s have some fun this saturday!

Seriously now… just some final steps before we can really start rebuilding (y)our favourite DIY-venue in a way that it will fit everybody’s needs.

Only together we can secure the future of the Vort’n Vis as a catalyst for the DIY-movement here in Belgium, as a place for people to work for a positive change in this world through music, art, workshops and conversation.

Ieper / De Westhoek / The World just needs more places like this.

Support! Support! Support! And share! Thanx.


20/12 Animals don’t have a voice, but we do!
Dog & Animal Shelter Benefit for Sirius!

21/12 Vort’n vis Café – Soirée Ⓐ from 19h.ish

And of course: De 100 uren van de Vort’n Vis
Please share and invite your friends! You’re welcome!

See ya & cheers!


06/12 Vort’n vis Café from 19h. with ‘Ameele’ behind the bar, mixing (folk)punk(rock) and other fine tunes with beer.

07/12 Vort’n vis Café from 19h.ish

+ All Ieperfest Winter 2014 bands announced on

++ And we’re looking forward to some nice ‘End of the Year’ Events @ TAZ,
e.g. on 20/12 and more…

See ya & Cheers!

Pub news

15/11 Vort’n Vis Café from 18ish

16/11 Vort’n Vis Café – Soirée Ⓐ from 19ish
Every 3rd saturday of the month, B.A. dives into his (quite diverse) Vinyl Collection and listens to some live shows recorded at Vort’n Vis over the past few years (from behind the bar). While this is happening, drinks will be served & thoughts will be exchanged. You’re Welcome!

“We can listen to…

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Pub news

Thursday 07/11 Forka (Brazil) + Deconsecrate (H8000) from 19ish.

Friday 08/11 Vort’n Vis café from 19ish. (or maybe even sooner)
+ Forka (Brazil – again yes!) around 21h.
The Brazilian dudes from Forka had such a great time at TAZ Vort’n Vis yesterday (07/11), that they decided to return tonight (08/11) for another very nice show on their way to germoney. Don’t miss out! As these dudes are awesome. Plain fucking simple!

Saturday 09/11 Rude Crew presents Punk&Rock from 19ish
+ afterparty ska rocksteady early reggae



Dawn the Mask and Down the Brew! Even After Halloween…

30/10 Blowfuse + Gratis Inkom from 18ish.

31/10 Hell-o-weenparty from 20ish with Evilish Fie.
Wear a scary outfit and get a free drink!

01/11 Vort’n vis Kaffee from 17h. with good friend ‘Ameele’ behind the bar,
mixing punk(rock) and other fine tunes with beer.

02/11 Nailbiter + Silence Means Death + Link from 18ish

See ya!