Republyk Vort'n Vis

Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum | Autonomous DIY venue in Ypres (BE)

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ART vzw & Republyk Vort’n Vis vzw are two non-profit organisations supporting the “Do It Yourself” Counterculture & Worldwide Network*. It’s all about creating, sharing and learning in local communities. These communities are emerging, finding each other and forming a much larger informal network, united by a common organic idea: that anything can be achieved by grassroots means! Money can not be ignored in the society we live in today, but it doesn’t need to be a motivation and DIY sets the priorities straight!


Completely run by volunteers in a non-hierarchical structure, both organisations also support Ngo’s & Action Groups working for a positive change. De Vort’n Vis (The Rotten Fish**) is basically a legal Autonomous Centre / Youth Centre and a place to share ideas for a better world through music, art, workshops and conversation.
While ART vzw (Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum) takes care of everything involved in running a legal Autonomous Centre (and that’s a lot!), Republyk Vort’n Vis vzw organises all sorts of activities for you to like.

It all started back in 1989 and there’s an amazing history behind Vort’n Vis: too much to write it all down (just now), but you can find a pretty good vibe of the early days and a lot more info on

In 2001 we moved our activities to an old building and we’ve actually managed to buy it in 2003, but after 10 years of intense use, (y)our space needs serious renovation and even rebuilding!
At this moment we’re rebuilding at the current location (St.-Jacobsstraat 3, right in the centre of Ypres where we belong) and we’re feeling pretty adventurous! A new building should fit the needs of an evergrowing Vort’n Vis Community, including Ieperfest and alternative youth centre Republyk Vort’n Vis.

So, yes, we’re a DIY-venue where just about anyone can organize just about anything ranging from small gigs to people’s kitchens,  benefits, presentations, workshops and what not. Feel free to get in touch but keep in mind that we’re in a transitional phase right now (and we actually need your help!).

And if you like the idea of autonomous spaces or simply sympathise with the general idea that people can achieve great things and work for a positive change in this world if they can only find the right tools… you’re very welcome! Think globally, act locally!


Siempre Vort’n Vis, roll up your sleeves and get involved or DIY trying!
Thank you, The Vort’n Vis Crew


Documentaire Vort’n Vis from Joscha van Bree on Vimeo.

* Roll Up Your Sleeves’ the DIY Counterculture (Dylan Haskins, 27 min.)
Roll Up Your Sleeves is a manifesto for an alternative way of organizing, working and thinking. The documentary is a colourful exploration of the phenomenon of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ counterculture from the starting point of Dylan Haskins’ own group of friends and their local alternative community.
– Screened on Ieperfest in 2008 on Dylan’s request  😉 and a great way to find out what DIY is all about –
– Film in Irish, no subtitles –

** “De Vort’n Vis” is a local West-Flemish dialect for “The Rotten Fish”, which is a pretty striking name as the venue used to be located at the fish market in Ypres and “Vort’n Vis” is used to define scum around here… pretty funny, right?