Republyk Vort'n Vis

Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum | Autonomous DIY venue in Ypres (BE)

– Ieper, August 8th 2015 –

We’re fucking doing it! The rebuilding of ART Vort’n Vis is coming to an end!
But loads of energy and a good amount of money are still needed to complete (y)our favourite DIY venue & the place where ieperfest got started…

Siempre Vort'n Vis

So we’ve been running an Autonomous DIY Space for 25 years now. A place for people from different nationalities and communities to meet and share ideas for a better world through music, art, workshops and (urgent) conversation.
In 2001 we moved to an old building and we’ve actually managed to buy it in 2003, but after 10 years of intense use, (y)our space needed serious renovation and even rebuilding!



After years of thinking and rethinking, discussing, getting into (sometimes ridiculous) arguments, talking to local authorities and taking everything into consideration, we’ve taken the next big step: with your help,
we’re rebuilding at the current location
(St.-Jacobsstraat 3, right in the centre of Ypres where we belong!). And a new building should fit the needs of an evergrowing Vort’n Vis Community (that’s all of us!), including Ieperfest and alternative youth centre Republyk Vort’n Vis.



The unstable soil condition of Ypres (built on swampy soil and the ruins of the First World War) and the poor foundation of our building, caused a stability problem and was stabilized with a temporary solution in late May 2011. Studies showed that renovation of the building was not the most preferable solution. A new construction seemed, as in many cases, the best option and not as expensive as renovation. Now, thanks to years of hard work in convincing the local community that the Vort’n Vis is more than just a bunch of loud ass people dressed in black you don’t want to make friends with, local councils are (finally) realising the important role an autonomous space can play in reaching out beyond radical ideas and respond to the problems of people in their communities.

So, with our own savings and support from local funding (Region of Flanders, Province of West-Flanders and
the City of Ypres), the current building is being replaced by a sustainable wind and waterproof basic building construction.

Like any good Do-It-Yourself organisation we’d like to finish the building ourselves by the end of 2015 and that’s where we still need your help! We need at least 2.000 people to donate € 50 for this to work (bigger or smaller donations are welcome too of course;) and we’d like to appeal to everyone! So get your friends, family, band, organisation or whatever to join in and help us out, so we can help you out (eventually)! Together we can secure the future of the Vort’n Vis as one of the katalysts for the DIY movement here in Belgium and everyone can support in different ways. We’re currently looking for more people who can do voluntary work: bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, roof building, plumbing, construct central heating,… and suitable materials / working tools are welcome too! Feel free to get in touch if you have any other ideas on how to help out, if you would like to organise a benefit yourself (50 benefits raising € 2.000 each could work out as well) or just to show your support.

Donations can still be made on our website (using paypal) and to the campaign account of Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum vzw, Sint-Jacobsstraat 3, 8900 Ieper, Belgium
IBAN-code: BE53 7512 0329 3953 / / BIC-code: AXABBE22
with the message “’t Is Gank! / Go for it!”
(or any other message you find encouraging – be creative!). And of course we’d like to do something in return. We’re putting the (band)names / organisations involved on the walls of the new building in an artistic way (much like the 54.000 names inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres). So be sure to mention your name/bandname or organisation + e-mail address with your donation.

You can also donate using Paypal:


The NEW ART Vort’n Vis

Rebuilding the whole thing provides a lot of opportunities (for everyone!). And here’s what we’re working on:

    • A good foundation of the entire surface and acoustic separation from the neighbouring buildings. We’ve been organising all sorts of activities for more than 20 years in harmony with our neighbours and we’re pretty sure that organising various events is perfectly possible in the centre of Ieper. A new building can only strengthen an already good relationship and we do like our neighbours!
    • The pub is the central meeting place where just about anyone can organise just about everything ranging from small gigs to people’s kitchens and presentations (racist/fascist/sexist shows and behaviour will not be tolerated though). Local Beers and especially Fairtrade products will also get the attention they deserve.
    • A Well-equipped kitchen where we (or you) can provide a (preferably vegan) meal for bands, artists and visitors. People’s kitchens and vegetarian/vegan cooking workshops are also an option. Hooray!
    • Sanitary facilities with separate toilet for disabled people.
    • Meeting and conference room, located above the pub, separated into the first and second floor. These are the meeting rooms for the organisations of the Vort’n Vis Community (youthcenter Republyk Vort’n Fish (RVV), the building/education organisation ART and festival organisation Ieperfest). This space will also be open for meetings, presentations, workshops, … of other organisations and organisers.
    • Office space for the organisations of the Vort’n Vis Community.
    • An artistic, living facade integrating art and projections.
    • Sleeping space for bands on tour and travellers;
      comfortable sleeping and sanitary facilities.
    • A multifunctional (concert) hall. This is the ideal space for shows, performances and activities for an audience of about 200 people. This hall can also accommodate exhibitions of (young) artists, neighbourhood activities, film screenings, workshops, … and is equipped with bar and storage space.
    • Soundproof rehearsal rooms for (local) bands. The combination in one and the same building of both rehearsal rooms and concert hall has lots of advantages (but of course!).
    • Multimedia room / Recording studio, multimedia equipment in combination with a recording studio gives bands the opportunity to experiment directly with professional recordings.
    • Parking space for 2 vans. So bands can easily load and unload their equipment.
    • Roof terrace. The terrace will be accessible during opening hours of the pub / (concert) hall. The terrace will also serve as a place to smoke (outside!).
    • 2 Art studios where artists can get their own space and where they can experiment.
      A studio for the ‘softer’ work (painting, drawing, …) and a studio for the ‘harder’ work (sculpture, modeling, welding,…). Access to the studios is through the rooftop garden.
    • Rooftop garden: an area on the roof remains free to create an urban garden with garden beds and plant holders. Ideal to start (already thought of) Transition initiatives and workshops in Stargazing/Astronomy.


We’re currently working on the interior of the Main Building and we’d like to actually finish it with your help! If everything goes well and donations meet our expectations, we’d like to (re)start (y)our activities somewhere in 2016 and start building the Multifunctional (Concert) Hall in the back.

Siempre Vort’n Vis or DIY trying!

You can contact us through and you will also get all the latest updates on the Vort’n Vis Benefit through this humble campaign website.

Want to help out? Bands for Benefit shows?

Contact: morethanmusic[at]ieperfest[dot]com // more info here.



Thank you and/or roll up your sleeves and get involved! The Vort’n Vis Crew