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We’re back, and stronger than ever! Open every Saturday from 18h. And with events. More often open when all the shitwork is done and rebuilding(hangovers) are gone!

Pub news

06/12 Vort’n vis Café from 19h. with ‘Ameele’ behind the bar, mixing (folk)punk(rock) and other fine tunes with beer.

07/12 Vort’n vis Café from 19h.ish

+ All Ieperfest Winter 2014 bands announced on

++ And we’re looking forward to some nice ‘End of the Year’ Events @ TAZ,
e.g. on 20/12 and more…

See ya & Cheers!

Pub news

15/11 Vort’n Vis Café from 18ish

16/11 Vort’n Vis Café – Soirée Ⓐ from 19ish
Every 3rd saturday of the month, B.A. dives into his (quite diverse) Vinyl Collection and listens to some live shows recorded at Vort’n Vis over the past few years (from behind the bar). While this is happening, drinks will be served & thoughts will be exchanged. You’re Welcome!

“We can listen to…

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