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The Rebuilding of ART Vort’n Vis has started in 2014 and coming to an end…
and we’re pretty focussed on just that!

In the meanwhile, we keep getting requests for all sorts of activities, but unfortunately we can’t facilitate as much as we would love to at TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) Vort’n Vis – Diksmuidseweg 59 Ieper (Belgium). That’s exactly why we’re rebuilding (y)our Autonomous Space right in the centre of Ypres in a way that it will fit everybody’s needs (but that takes a lot of our time & energy, not to mention a lot of cursed money! Sure hope you’ll understand if you don’t get a reply (straight away), but do try!

Click on the picture hereunder to follow the rebuilding progress on Facebook & get in touch if you want to help out! Thanx.

Siempre Vort'n Vis

Vort'n Vis Benefit

This one is in Dutch because it’s a local thing, but check out Vort’n Vis Benefit (if you haven’t already).

OK, dus, Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum de Vort’n Vis neemt op 30 mei, met het oog op de langverwachte heropbouw van het Trefcentrum, deel aan Beursvloer Ieper en dit is wat we daarover te zeggen hebben (want in de commerciële media moet het vaak nogal rap gaan 😉 ):

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Vort'n Vis Benefit

Hi everyone,

we’re getting close to tearing down and rebuilding ART Vort’n Vis!
During  “de 100 uren van de Vort’n Vis” (100 hours) we will move to our temporary location. Check out the eventpage to know more about the activities during this event.

We also have a message to everybody who can help and wants to take action (even if you don’t have any skills, we still can use your help!). Read more about it here.

One of these days there will be a paypal button on the site, to do free donations so it will be more easy to donate.

Last press release is online. Click here for a Dutch article in the local press.

Still know nothing of our plans? Read everything on our Benefit page.


Take action, now is the time! Siempre Vort’n Vis.

The Vort’n Vis crew

Vort'n Vis Benefit

Hit the Benefit Tab in the menu ( & feel free to get in touch if you want to help out tearing down & rebuilding ART Vort’n Vis at the current location (St.-Jacobsstraat 3, right in the centre of Ypres where we belong!).


ART Vort’n Vis vzw
Postbus 42, 8900 Ieper (Belgium)

We’re currently looking for a lot more people who can do voluntary work:
– demolition
– removing trash
– cleaning bricks
– bricklaying
– plastering
– carpentry
– roof building
– electricity
– plumbing
– construct central heating
– …
– and suitable materials / working tools are welcome too of course!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other ideas on how to help out, if you would like to organise a benefit yourself or just to show your support.

Donations can be made to the campaign account of Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum vzw, Sint-Jacobsstraat 3, 8900 Ieper, Belgium (IBAN BE53 7512 0329 3953 / / AXABBE22 BIC) with the message “T’is Gank! / Go for it!” (or any other message you find encouraging – be creative!). And of course we’d like to do something in return. We’re thinking of putting the (band)names / organisations involved on the walls of the new building in an artistic way (much like the 54.000 names inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres). So be sure to mention your (band)name or organisation + e-mail address with your donation.

Bands willing to help out with a free show can put themselves up for one of the monthly Major Benefit Shows we’re planning in 2013 and we’re very open to every genre (as always).

Siempre Vort’n Vis or DIY trying!

Thank you and/or roll up your sleeves and get involved! The Vort’n Vis Crew

Vort'n Vis Benefit