Republyk Vort'n Vis

Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum | Autonomous DIY venue in Ypres (BE)

Hi everyone,

we’re getting close to tearing down and rebuilding ART Vort’n Vis!
During  “de 100 uren van de Vort’n Vis” (100 hours) we will move to our temporary location. Check out the eventpage to know more about the activities during this event.

We also have a message to everybody who can help and wants to take action (even if you don’t have any skills, we still can use your help!). Read more about it here.

One of these days there will be a paypal button on the site, to do free donations so it will be more easy to donate.

Last press release is online. Click here for a Dutch article in the local press.

Still know nothing of our plans? Read everything on our Benefit page.


Take action, now is the time! Siempre Vort’n Vis.

The Vort’n Vis crew

Vort'n Vis Benefit

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