Republyk Vort'n Vis

Autonoom Regionaal Trefcentrum | Autonomous DIY venue in Ypres (BE)

08/03 A VORT’N VIS BENEFIT I @ JH De Moane (Suncreek, not far from Ypres)

Invite all your friends & let’s have some fun this saturday!

Seriously now… just some final steps before we can really start rebuilding (y)our favourite DIY-venue in a way that it will fit everybody’s needs.

Only together we can secure the future of the Vort’n Vis as a catalyst for the DIY-movement here in Belgium, as a place for people to work for a positive change in this world through music, art, workshops and conversation.

Ieper / De Westhoek / The World just needs more places like this.

Support! Support! Support! And share! Thanx.


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